Commercial Work

NCS Technology Evolution

Made for Singapore’s NCS for the nationwide SG50 celebration, Poposition created a pop up spread of a futuristic Singapore skyline as a finale spread in the Technology Evolution book that advertising agency DW Communications designed. Limited to only 3000 copies, the book is avaialble in all public libraries throughout Singapore and features a 3D printed plastic disc affixed to the cover. See images of the whole book (the pop up photos are at the end of the gallery) at

Cherry Blossom Forest

Created for Singapore based scent marketing company HydroEmission, the Cherry Blossom Forest is a promotional piece showcasing artist Marie Dyon Doyle’s artwork, and includes a scent sticker with one of HydroEmission’s signature fragrances. The pop up is a three fold piece that creates a panoramic scene of trees, birds, and mountains. A small run of 200 pieces was created for this project, with more planned for the future. More information available at

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